Lady Fest NOLA

LadyFest New Orleans Mission Statement

LadyFest New Orleans is a non-profit music, arts, spoken word, film and dance festival  organized by local women of all identities to showcase, celebrate and encourage the  music, poetry, art, film, dance and activism of women in New Orleans and to benefit local organizations that support women. We are committed to inspiring self-empowerment and we welcome and encourage all  people who support the education, advancement and  celebration of women to attend the festival.  We feel that providing such a venue for women artists  counters the obstacles and discrimination that women often face, including sexism homophobia and racism. We have created an annual  festival where women can perform with all others, women (and men) in a  safe, dominantly female friendly, non corporate environment. LadyFest New Orleans  is open and inviting to both men and women of all ages, persuasions and backgrounds.